> > > Bitcoin payment available on all our sites!

Bitcoin payment available on all our sites!

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Bitcoin payment available on all our sites!

Bitcoin payment available on all our sites!

Bitcoin transactions are getting more and more popular as a means of fast and seamless payment that at the same time does not involve card validation or other actions from the users. Let your members with Bitcoin wallets know that from now on they can buy 5 different credit packages!

What credit packages are available with Bitcoin?

Members can buy five different credit packages with Bitcoin payment.

  • 17.99 credits
  • 27.99 credits
  • 67.99 credits
  • 97.99 credits
  • 157.99 credits

The Bitcoin audience

Bitcoin was introduced as a digital asset and an alternative payment system in 2009, and the number of its users has been growing every year since. At the end of 2015, the estimated number of worldwide Bitcoin wallets was 10 million, but a giant leap is expected in the upcoming years, as they hope to reach none less than 100 million daily users in the following years.

Payment process with Bitcoin

  1. Users should follow the usual sign up or log in process on the promoted site or on the whitelabel site and click on Get Credits to proceed to credit package purchase.
  2. As they land by default on the page of the Credit / Debit card payment method, they need to click at the following link: To choose another payment type, go to Payment Methods in order to change the payment method to Bitcoin. After that, they need to choose the currency.
  3. Members can select their preferred option of the 5 available credit packages on the Package Selection page.
  4. They get redirected to the GoCoin site, where they need to scan the code with their devices in order to launch their wallets to initiate the payment process.

After these steps, the payment can be easily finalized.

Bitcoin provides payment that is easy, seamless and fast. Make sure you let your members know of this opportunity by the use of targeted advertisement (banners coming soon), on your blog or via newsletters!