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New and exciting AWE Promo Tools

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New and exciting AWE Promo Tools

New and exciting AWE Promo Tools

The Overlay Ad Promo Tool

Two new Adult Webmaster Empire promo tool have just been released: one of them is the overlay ad that features call-to-action texts complete with dynamic banners or iframes that really make your message come to life.

A definite advantage of this brand new promo tool is the fact that its positioning make it practically unavoidable for your visitors: as the name itself suggests, it can cover any page you choose on your website - and by clicking anywhere, your visitors are landed on the homepage of your site.

It's completely customizable and allows you to embed various content types as well: animated images (dynamic banners) or live models (in iframes). Stay tuned for even more versions of this highly effective new promo tool!

Gif Banners

What could be more inviting for a click than watching an actual Jasmin model in action? Our new dynamic banners show real performers but instead of snapshots or promotional photos, we present high quality animated scenes from real privates to further trigger your users' fantasies and boost your click through rate.

The gif banners also include a text and a call to action button and they come in all categories and are suitable to be used on whitelabels as well because there is no brand indication on them. They are also available in multiple sizes, making them very optimal to place on almost any part of the page, where their visibility and perception by the target group best converts.

Give our new promo tools a try and test them in different sizes and change the categories as well for the best results! Any questions or feedback? Share them with us in the Comments section below!