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Popunder for Whitelabels

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Popunder for Whitelabels

Popunder for Whitelabels

We are happy to inform you that the Popunder Promo Tool is now available for WL 3.0 and CamTubeLabel sites and is ready to use with your site's logo and layout.

The basic advantages of the popunders:

  • They show a HD quality live streaming of the categories' best converting models
  • They pop up while your user is browsing your site, so they do not interfere with the browsing of your site, and serve as a reminder when the user closes the original window
  • If the model featured in the popunder goes offline in the meantime, they will be replaced with another performer, so you don't miss any clicks

The benefits of the popunders for Whitelabels:

  • Set the category of your choice
  • Buy traffic for your whitelabel with a popunder (our partners asked for the possibility of buying traffic for WLs to make the most of the new, increased percentages)
  • Automatically adapt to your whitelabel’s logo and color scheme
  • Also work on mobile platforms with an especially mobile optimized landing page

Other developments and finetuning will soon be available for the Popunder Promo Tool, such as the possibility to set a featured category for the tool and a landing page optimized for mobile devices as well.

Log in now and go to the Promo Tools page to check out the new whitelabel popunders! Questions or feedback? Share your opinion with us in the Comments below!