> > > WL3.0 and CTL products to be discontinued - Upgrade to WL4 NOW!

WL3.0 and CTL products to be discontinued - Upgrade to WL4 NOW!

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WL3.0 and CTL products to be discontinued - Upgrade to WL4 NOW!

WL3.0 and CTL products to be discontinued - Upgrade to WL4 NOW!

Say goodbye to Whitelabel3.0 and CamTubeLabel websites as these products are to be replaced by Whitelabel 4, already bringing our webmasters the best conversions and their users a flawless cam quality experience with many benefits on top.

We aim to focus on the future instead of getting stuck in the past, so we are going to put all our efforts into further developing Whitelabel 4 along with other new products and promo tools. So in order to avoid fracturing but at the same time optimise our resources, our WL3.0 and CTL products are going to be discontinued.


This project will be executed at the end of June 2017.


To be able to complete new developments faster, rather than keep fixing the old system. And of course to improve the overall user experience on our Whitelabels. WL4 sites are equipped with a chat applet based on HTML5 instead of Flash. The Adobe Flash Player is obsolete, and it receives less support from browsers day by day.


First we will remove the option for creating new Whitelabel3.0 and CamTubeLabel sites, and give our Webmasters two weeks to upgrade their existing WL3.0 and CTL sites to WL. The remaining sites will be then upgraded automatically, but since the layout is a bit different it is better to do it yourself manually, to avoid coloring anomalies.


In order to upgrade your WL3.0/ CTL sites, please enter the editor, respectively:

On this page by simply clicking on the UPGRADE button you'll be taken to the Whitelabel 4 editor. The logo, colors, categories, Featured Models, custom text, 3rd party verification IDs will all be automatically transferred. All you need to do is to see if you wish to change anything, then send the site for approval.

Note that the Blog posts will not be transferred, but they will be saved for future use, if we decide to add the Blog menu to WL4 sites - this depends on how big a demand there is for the Blog menu.

As usual, we will process the change requests within 24-48 hours. Once approved, there is nothing else to do.


We have just released the Awards and Voting system on WL4 sites. The Coupon Code already works, but it is not displayed on the home page yet - this will be added in the coming weeks. After that we will enable HTTPS for all Whitelabel 4 sites, and modify the payment pages to appear in your Whitelabel's colors, further increasing the trust of the users towards the site. There are further tricks up our sleeves, but we don't want to spoil everything.

Upgrade to the future NOW!