> > > How to create your own live cam site in 10 minutes

How to create your own live cam site in 10 minutes

How to create your own live cam site in 10 minutes

How to create your own live cam site in 10 minutes

PLEASE NOTE: Conditions have changed due to the discontinuation of the WL2 sites. Check out our new offers and conditions related to the recently released Whitelabel4.

CamTubeLabel or Whitelabel?

Both our CamTubeLabels and Whitelabels have the biggest range of the most professional and trained webcam models from all around the world. Both options are subject to regular updates and developments. Also, both CamTubeLabels and Whitelabels give you the opportunity to define your niche which we definitely recommend to do as you can benefit the most of it.

CamTubeLabels are essentially Whitelabel sites recommended especially for tube site owners. The layout is easily customizable to look more like an original tube site. CamTubeLabels, for exactly the same reason are recommended for those who wish to have a fresher looking layout.
Here is what a CamTubeLabel looks like:
as opposed to a WL 3.0 site:
CTL benefits include more columns to add, different thumbnail sizes and different menu options to use as opposed to standard Whitelabels.

On the other hand, if you would like to have your own tailor-made Jasmin-layout, you should opt for our WL3.

Create a Whitelabel in just 10 minutes

  1. Log in to and go to Whitelabel Editor.
  2. If you already have a site, set the DNS records. Save a draft after each step. You can create the cam site in your own domain or subdomain.
  3. If you don’t have a site, create a Co-brand site, for example:
  4. Edit: set your Categories and use filters – but do it responsibly: remember the saying too many cooks spoil the broth? Something very similar happens with the use of too many filters: if you overuse them, there will be no models appearing as a response to a search. A featured category set by you is the best way to differentiate your site and make it more unique.
  5. Appearance: upload your logos and set the colors you wish to use. They should be transparent to better fit the design. Please upload logos that show your domain name in their design, otherwise your request will be declined. Feel free to add your own banner to the site as well.
  6. SEO: due to the canonicalizing features, focus your activities on the SEO and the blog feature, because the rest of the white labels are canonicalized. Don’t forget to use page specific custom text so that the site will be more unique.
  7. Blog: be prepared with well-defined categories adapted to the profile of your site. Although an optional step to take, using the blog feature can add immeasurable benefits to your site. We will get back to the topic of how you can build and manage a successful blog on a whitelabel and what the definite advantages are of this feature that you should not miss out.
  8. Send your Whitelabel for approval if it's ready to be published. Our team will check if it matches all necessary criteria. If there is anything missing, we will contact you via e-mail and give a detailed report of what is yet necessary to launch your site. If everything is fine from our side, we will publish your white label site. Either approved or declined, all submitted WL requests are handled within 48 hours.

What do you get in the end?

  • Your own cam site complete with functions galore and almost 2000 models online
  • Totally customizable design
  • A wide variety of payment options
  • Customizable for different niches
  • A site that supports 19 languages
  • Well-targeted user conversion to turn visitors into regular customers
    • Free sign up with bonus
    • Bank card validation bonus
    • Member retention bonus system

Now it’s just up to you how you can send users to your own site.

That is why next up we will discuss how you can actually make money with your whitelabel site. If you have any feedback, do not hesitate to share it with us at or just drop us a line in the Comments section below. Good luck creating your CamTubeLabel or Whitelabel and we hope you will enjoy the process of becoming a successful affiliate with us!