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Pay Per Signup - PPS

Earn up to $300 per each member new to our network. Cookie validity: 30 days non-rewritable, renewable after 30 days. New signups of all credit packages worth at least 17.99 shall be eligible for the Tiered PPS payouts network-wide.

The basis of the commission you receive is the number of successful signups eligible for the Tiered PPS referred in each period.

Use the Income Calculator for an earnings estimate!

Members referred via tiered pps per period Payout
1 - 2 $150
3 - 10 $200
11 - 20 $225
21 - 50 $250
51 - $300
Please note that free signups are not eligible for the Tiered PPS program.
Tiered PPS payouts may not be combined with other promotions and are not eligible for other Bonus payouts.
We reserve the right to disqualify any affiliate from the program and may switch affiliate accounts to a revenue share basis in cases of, including but not limited to, low performance, suspected foul play, questionable marketing practices, incentive based signups and generation of traffic through unauthorized sources such as but not limited to social networking sites and online auction sites. In case of fraud (including but not limited to self-signups, incentive based signups and fraudulent signups) affiliate commissions will be withhold or voided and the affiliate account may be terminated. Sales made via email spamming, social networking sites (such as, but not limited to or, member deception by providing false information about the product, or "chat marketing" on instant messenger platforms will not qualify for the PPS payouts.
We reserve the right to suspend or terminate pending payments/referrals from the affiliate under this program, whenever the affiliate fails to comply the above referred rules and principles.
The rights conferred by this promotion are not transferable and may only be used by the affiliate.
However, we reserve the right, at our sole and exclusive discretion, to move, including with retroactive nature, affiliates from this program to another promotional or standard program, adjusting affiliates associated program benefits.

Revenue share - REVS

Basic, flat 30%

If you bring old members who weren't bound to you or other Webmasters before with PPS or Lifetime+ programs, you will earn a steady 30% commission after their purchases.

Tiered Lifetime +, up to 60%

Earn up to 60% commission per each member who is new to our network. All network-wide new signups of all credit packages shall be eligible for the Tiered Lifetime+ payouts. All Webmasters start from Tier 1 at the beginning of each period.

Get an earnings estimate of our program!

Tier Credits Purchased within period %
1 0-3500 20%
2 3500-10000 25%
3 10000-20000 30%
4 20000-25000 35%
5 25000-30000 40%
6 30000-40000 50%
7 40000- 60%

Whitelabel / Co-Brand

A commission of 15% - 25% is paid on all your Whitelabel 2.0 or 3.0 sales, mobile or desktop. With our domain based tracking, all credit purchases are credited on your Whitelabel site (except for those made by members previously referred via PPS).

Try the Income Calculator for an estimate!

Total amount of credits purchased by referred members within period Affiliate payout percentage
0 - 99.99 15%
100 - 499.99 18%
500 - 4,999.99 20%
5,000 - 14,999.99 22%
15,000 - 25%

Performance increase bonus

Your account is automatically entered in the promotion, no need to manually opt-in.

A Bonus of up to 50%, as shown on the table on the right, is paid based on the sales commissions and referral earnings (including both webmaster and cam model referral earnings) and increase compared to the previous two months average.

Whitelabel 2.0 / 3.0, Revshare, Co-brand earnings are now eligible for the Performance Increase Bonus.

Performance increase % Bonus %
20% 20%
30% 23%
40% 26%
50% 30%
60% 34%
70% 38%
80% 42%
90% 46%
100% 50%
The Sales and Referral bonuses are calculated separately:
  • Sales performance increase bonus
  • Referral performance increase bonus
The Reference values can be found on the stats page.
The Reference period is always the previous two months (4 consecutive payout periods)
Additional rules:
  • Please note that the Performance Increase bonus does NOT apply for the Tiered Lifetime Program.
  • The Performance Increase Bonus may NOT be combined with other promotions and bonuses (Tiered PPS).
  • Tiered PPS sales are NOT counted in your reference earnings amount.
  • If there are no Revshare, Co-brand or Whitelabel 2.0 / 3.0 earnings in the Reference Periods, the webmaster is not eligible for any Performance Increase Bonus.
  • Referral commission is paid out after the default commissions.
  • In case of chargebacks, the bonus amount will be deducted from your earnings as well.

Referral system

Model Referral

Introduce new video chat hosts to our sites. Make as much as 36% on the referred cam models' earnings for a year, right from the start.

If you are a site owner and have targeted traffic to refer models or if you have a Whitelabel / Co-brand site, you can apply for the model referral program on this link.

You will get commissions for the models that you referred after your application has been accepted. Models referred before will not provide a bonus. The bonus is given for the very first account the model registers, further accounts will be ineligible for the program.
We provide all necessary options to make sure the referral is successful, however if the circumstances do not allow the system to recognize the referral connection (e.g. the model registers with another cookie or no cookie in the browser), we are not able to change the referral status later on.

Webmaster Referral

Inviting affiliates to AWE is an easy way to increase your profits. Spread the word using the marketing channels available to you.

  • Make as much as 36% on referred webmasters' earnings for a year, right from the start.
  • PLUS get up to 18% on all new webmasters' earnings they refer.
  • PLUS get up to 18% on all new cam models' earnings they refer.

Let's see an example:

Pay periods 1st tier
2nd tier
1-4 36% - $3600 18% - $1800
5-8 24% - $2400 12% - $1200
9-12 12% - $1200 6% - $600
13-16 6% - $600 3% - $300
17-20 4% - $400 2% - $200
21-24 2% - $200 1% - $100
Your total
$8400 $4200