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Exclusive content through the Video Promotion API

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Exclusive content through the Video Promotion API

Video Promotion API

Let us introduce you the AWE Video Promotion API – The Ultimate Tube Monetization Tool

Make more money using our Brand New Tool - AWEmpire's New Video Promotion API!

If you run tube sites and wish to generate revenue by promoting webcams, then you know the struggle is real. Banner blindness is a major problem affecting over 85% of users on adult sites. Imagine getting access to thousands of videos with unique & explicit webcam content extracted from real Private Shows, legally! That is what the Video Promotion API has come to offer you.

What is the Video Promotion API?

Video Promotion API allows you to receive thousands of explicit videos from our database in order to embed them on your site. It will provide you videos with titles, cover images, previews, tags, embeddable player and much more.

What are the benefits?

The API solves many of your problems while allowing you to make more revenue promoting our live sex cam sites. Let us go through a couple:

  • Better conversion rates due to more relevant content and better user experience.
  • It not only provides you with explicit webcam content, but also serves as an unsaturated ad format at the same time.
  • It gives the users a peek into what happens in private shows, thereby giving users a preview of what they can experience as paying members on our sites.
  • You will be able to give more exposure to many more webcam models, thereby increasing chances of finding a fit for every user.
  • In-Player CTA & notification tool letting the user know if the model is online at the time of watching the video.
  • This tool is 100% DMCA compliant, therefore allowing you to show private cam shows to your audience, without breaking any rules.
  • The Video Promotion API is a fully hosted & embeddable tool allowing you to decrease server costs and load-time.
  • A clean and easy-to-use JSON response structure making it easy and convenient for you to integrate our videos into your websites.

Who can use this API?

Essentially, the Video Promotion API will serve as a way for you to expose the webcam product in a better and more user-friendly manner. This tool is not only for tubes. It can serve perfectly for blogs, aggregators, search engines, and many more types of sites. In any case, we expect higher conversion rates from content focused networks and tube sites because we believe this tool serves as a great funnel towards live webcam interaction. However, the API is open and available for all AWE Affiliates to use!

So what is next?

Our collection of content is continuously growing - making it a reliable, long-term source of fresh, high quality scenes with exclusive live cam sex videos. There is no limit to how much content we can offer you in the long term, so we hope you enjoy it!

The time has come to make more money! Try our new Video Promotion API, Exclusive to AWE Affiliates!


If you have any questions, contact us at, or get in touch with your Affiliate Manager if you have one.