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Paxum’s return to the AWE payment methods

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Paxum’s return to the AWE payment methods

Choose Paxum as your means of receiving payments!

Webmasters who have been with us for some time are already well-acquainted with the advantages of Paxum. As a start, opening an account with them could not be easier: simply click here and provide all the required information, and as soon as your account is validated, you have an instant access to Paxum’s e-wallet system, to which your earnings will be transferred directly in every period you reach the payout limit read more here.

The default currency, as with all other AWEmpire options – Paper check (US only), ePayService and Firstchoice Pay – is USD. You can withdraw your money from your Paxum e-wallet any time you want with your MasterCard or by wire transfer.

Sign up today to open a new Paxum account or log in to your existing one and start receiving your payments!

Should you have any inquiries, consult our FAQ page or send us a mail!