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Would you like to get an idea of how much you can earn with a top adult webmaster program?

With our affiliate revenue calculator we give you a realistic estimate. We use data from thousands of our own affiliates to calculate what you can earn when you monetize your traffic with one of our programs.

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* The calculations are made according to the average values of our statistics, the results may differ from your actual commissions.

Earnings Example

For example, you have a targeted adult site and you can send us 300 unique visitors a day. It means that you send around 9000 visitors a month. If you have mainly USA traffic, you can earn around $1110 a month*.

* This is an estimate, calculated by our average statistics. Actual results may vary depending on several factors, such as the quality of traffic.

Possible earnings on the top 10 sites

An estimate of possible earnings in case you send daily 1000 unique clicks to AWEmpire's products from the following countries.

Top 10 spending countries of webcam sex consumption, with at least 1000 sales per month

As you see, Northern European countries, Norway and Sweden are the frontrunners when it comes to top spending, closely followed by the US, UK, Australia and Switzerland. These figures reflect the average monthly earnings our webmasters make with the traffic of 1000 unique clicks per day.

Top 10 spending countries

Which are the countries where the most money is spent on live webcam sex action in general?

Top 10 best paying countries

The United States is by far the top spending country in the live webcam business (38%), followed by the top European countries: Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy. These figures show where most of the traffic to webcam sites comes from.

Top 10 best converting countries

How many unique clicks does it take in average to bring a sale? Here you can find a list of the best converting countries for the AWEmpire products based on thousands of transactions. We displayed the countries only with at least 1000 sales per month.

Top 10 best converting countries on the adult webcam market

The chart above lists the top countries where unique clicks on adult webcam sites are most effectively and successfully converted into sales, therefore provide most earnings for the webmasters. Northern European and American countries dominate the top 5 with Canada, Sweden, the United States, Denmark and Belgium.