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How long does the referral last?

Successful Webmaster and Model referrals last a year (24 periods), counted from the period in which the referral connection was made.

In case you refer a Studio, the referral is counted from the Studio’s referral date, not the Models registered under it.

Why can’t I see any information for UTM parameters?

Please note that based on Google’s suggestion we are applying a 24 hours latency to fetch the previous day’s data from Google. So in some cases it can happen that you will see your UTM data 24 hours later than the event (registration, purchase) occurred. It also can happen that due to some other limitations (eg. disabled JavaScript on the users’ side, opted out extension from Google Analytics tracking, some ad block extensions, spam, traffic missing due to internet connection latency) the traffic cannot be tracked.

I like your site, can we do a banner/link exchange?

We don’t exchange links for our main sites as it would look unprofessional. We don’t sell banner spots either.

How can I stop being an affiliate?

If you would like to delete your affiliate account please send us a support ticket or visit the Additional settings tab under your account settings and click Forget Data.