Deciding Between RevShare, PPS, and Whitelabels

Choosing the right program is important and can be a challenge. As you know, A.W. Empire offers RevShare commission of up to 45% and Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) payouts of up to $300. Neither option is superior, because they are optimized for different purposes. Moreover, we have Whitelabels as a third alternative for those affiliates willing to […]

Oranum: Per Aspera Ad Profit

Oranum is a leading spiritual video chat community with thousands of live advisors, helping people all around the world find their inner peace. As a prime example of the Tarot niche, Oranum enables you to monetize your mainstream traffic in large volumes. It offers industry-leading PPS (up to $300) and RevShare (up to 45%) payout […]

Whitelabel Bonus Tool for Calendar Events

Customize your campaigns as you see fit Red-letter days can be a great boost to your ad campaigns. Moreover, this boost starts before the holidays and lasts a few days after. For a holiday campaign to generate high-volume traffic, preparation is a must. Planning out the funnel and creatives is the foundation of any campaign. […]

A.W. Empire Makes Holidays Better

LiveJasmin Christmas promo for 2023 and a Whitelabel update from A.W. Empire May your profits soar and your conversions fire brighter than a bonfire in the night woods. Yes, it is the season to be jolly, and so we brought a couple of gifts for you. Besides wishing you a merry Christmas, we want to […]

Complete Your Affiliate Marketing Experience with TwinRed

Working with A.W. Empire and TwinRed improves your campaign efficiency Two heads are better than one; something that is said for many tasks, e.g., hanging a painting. Why not apply this practical wisdom to affiliate marketing as well? Both A.W. Empire and TwinRed have the eyes on the prize, and we are in to win […]

Common Questions about Targeting

Over the years we have been asked standard questions about targeting and other tips as such over and over again. So we thought it would be a good idea to prepare an article focusing on the particular subject. For you, our dear partners, we present a reference guide. Read it, share it, bookmark it now, […]

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