Complete Your Affiliate Marketing Experience with TwinRed

Working with A.W. Empire and TwinRed improves your campaign efficiency Two heads are better than one; something that is said for many tasks, e.g., hanging a painting. Why not apply this practical wisdom to affiliate marketing as well? Both A.W. Empire and TwinRed have the eyes on the prize, and we are in to win […]

Common Questions about Targeting

Over the years we have been asked standard questions about targeting and other tips as such over and over again. So we thought it would be a good idea to prepare an article focusing on the particular subject. For you, our dear partners, we present a reference guide. Read it, share it, bookmark it now, […]

More stats for ultimate feedback

What kind of rebranding is that without a major overhaul? After thinking it over, we decided to start with an update for our statistics. From now on, you will be the architect of your own reports: tailoring the feedback you get by excluding irrelevant data while keeping what you need. The choice is yours, however, […]

Changes to bank transfer and check fees

Due to 3rd party price changes made to cover additional banking costs related to security, the processing fee for bank transfers and paper checks will increase.

We improved Oranum so you can improve your sales!


We are thrilled to announce that we released an updated version of Oranum!

AWEmpire introduces Crypto payout!

By popular demand, we are proud to introduce Crypto payouts

The interest in crypto payouts has been growing globally and so has …

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