Everything about Promo Tools at A.W. Empire

A.W. Empire’s promo tools are among the most popular in the industry. We have Whitelabels, Link Codes, Model Feed API, Pre-Rolls, Popunders, Banners, and the list goes on. No matter the tool, we update it regularly to remain compliant and useful to you. So, let’s explore the best we have to offer. We’ll go through […]

Quick Recap on April 2024 Updates

The times are changing, and we roll along with it. In 2024, we are having a plethora of events which will affect our platform. And as such, we’d like to do a quick recap, so that you know what direction we are going in. In this post, we’ll go through the updated age verification laws […]

Deciding Between RevShare, PPS, and Whitelabels

Choosing the right program is important and can be a challenge. As you know, A.W. Empire offers RevShare commission of up to 45% and Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) payouts of up to $300. Neither option is superior, because they are optimized for different purposes. Moreover, we have Whitelabels as a third alternative for those affiliates willing to […]

Oranum: Per Aspera Ad Profit

Oranum is a leading spiritual video chat community with thousands of live advisors, helping people all around the world find their inner peace. As a prime example of the Tarot niche, Oranum enables you to monetize your mainstream traffic in large volumes. It offers industry-leading PPS (up to $300) and RevShare (up to 45%) payout […]

Whitelabel Bonus Tool for Calendar Events

Customize your campaigns as you see fit Red-letter days can be a great boost to your ad campaigns. Moreover, this boost starts before the holidays and lasts a few days after. For a holiday campaign to generate high-volume traffic, preparation is a must. Planning out the funnel and creatives is the foundation of any campaign. […]

A.W. Empire Makes Holidays Better

LiveJasmin Christmas promo for 2023 and a Whitelabel update from A.W. Empire May your profits soar and your conversions fire brighter than a bonfire in the night woods. Yes, it is the season to be jolly, and so we brought a couple of gifts for you. Besides wishing you a merry Christmas, we want to […]

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