Complete Your Affiliate Marketing Experience with TwinRed

Working with A.W. Empire and TwinRed improves your campaign efficiencyWorking with A.W. Empire and TwinRed improves your campaign efficiency

Two heads are better than one; something that is said for many tasks, e.g., hanging a painting. Why not apply this practical wisdom to affiliate marketing as well? Both A.W. Empire and TwinRed have the eyes on the prize, and we are in to win it — a close-knit group not only in terms of values and objectives, but also office space. So what are the advantages of this duo?


TwinRed ad network explained

TwinRed is a veteran ad network and ad exchange. They have been in the industry since 2007. With over a decade of professional experience, they can help you monetize our offers like no one else and provide 24/7 support for all your needs.

TwinRed specialists will go the extra mile to provide an optimal bidding strategy, suggest which creatives would be ideal for your case, and help you set up targeting properly, whether it’s LiveJasmin or your own whitelabel. With their assistance you can take your campaigns to the next level, but what about ourselves?


Advantages of working with A.W. Empire

For the A.W. Empire–TwinRed alliance to fire, you need both elements to function like clockwork. You are probably aware of this already, since you are here, but what exactly can you expect from A.W. Empire? Let’s do a quick recap.

High-quality offers for affiliates with payouts up to $300 PPS and 45% RevShare and high conversion rate on top of them. Having signed up with A.W. Empire, your TwinRed manager will be able to provide insights on targeting tips and other tips as well.

Whitelabels for additional revenue. Publishers can create them with our help and then get back to TwinRed to double their revenue: from ad buys and own whitelabels.

Exclusive promotions for your users to turn from a slightly pre-engaged audience into die-hard fans of hot cam shows.


Advantages of working with TwinRed

Working with A.W. Empire and TwinRed — now that’s synergy. But what’s in TwinRed’s secret sauce that makes it so beneficial for you?

Diverse ad formats, like video pre-rolls, popunders, banners, native ads, push, and interstitials. Not only that, TwinRed specialists will suggest the best format for your particular campaign, so you won’t even have to struggle with choosing.

High-quality traffic, if you need to find good traffic sources, then TwinRed’s got you covered. The majority of these sources is specifically tailored for cam offers, so they will fit your campaigns like a glove.

TwinRed retargeting pixels. These ensure your leads don’t get off your marketing hook. Simply set up your whitelabel retargeting pixels with TwinRed and submit them to A.W. Empire to then run retargeting campaigns via TwinRed.



With the synergy of our affiliate network and TwinRed’s ad network, we are able to handle your problems using the expertise from both sides. Between the two of us, we are able to give you seamless, user-friendly, and captivating funnels, which improve your ROI. Visit TwinRed now, drop them a line, and tell them you’re from A.W. Empire — they will welcome you with open arms. But don’t leave A.W. Empire out — an A.W. Empire offer and TwinRed expertise, both at your side, is a huge boost to your campaigns.