Deciding Between RevShare, PPS, and Whitelabels

A.W. Empire Blog : Deciding Between RevShare, PPS, and Whitelabels

Choosing the right program is important and can be a challenge. As you know, A.W. Empire offers RevShare commission of up to 45% and Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) payouts of up to $300. Neither option is superior, because they are optimized for different purposes. Moreover, we have Whitelabels as a third alternative for those affiliates willing to capitalize on the brand recognition.

In this blog post, we’ll go through these three programs that we offer, explore their pros & cons, and look into their applicable scenarios. It’s time to understand how you’d like to get paid and why.


RevShare: making profit last longer

The success of RevShare hinges on the high customer Lifetime Value (LTV), with the ideal scenario being continuous revenue payout. Top sites like LiveJasmin, particularly popular among users who form strong bonds with their preferred performers, stand out as fitting candidates for this model. RevShare works well with blogs, tube pages, and membership sites — anything involving users coming back for more. 

When executed effectively, RevShare ensures consistent, long-lasting, and reliable earnings, which can further grow with high-quality traffic. Securing a “whale” (a big spender) through RevShare for the first time can result in substantial returns over time, akin to a horn of plenty.

However, it’s important to note that while you continue to earn a commission each time a loyal visitor purchases credits on LiveJasmin through your referral link, the tracking mechanism relies on cookies. The competition for them is fierce, and their validity duration is shorter in comparison to PPS.

PPS: immediate payouts for quick scaling up

Pay-Per-Sale operates on a faster cycle, prioritizing swift acquisition of users rather than long-term retention (though user quality remains essential). This payout model finds synergy with review platforms, benefiting from a steady stream of new visitors. It’s also suitable for brand-neutral websites with consistent, high-caliber traffic and is favored by media buyers.

In contrast to RevShare, PPS emphasizes short-term gains, paying a fixed commission in a single run. While lacking in recurring revenue from repeat purchases, it offers rapid returns on initial investments, so you can set up a new campaign and expand quickly. Additionally, the cookie duration is longer compared to RevShare.

However, PPS has its drawbacks. Like RevShare, its tracking relies on cookies. There’s also the risk of overlooking high-spending users and failing to capitalize on their contributions, compounded by intense competition for cookie attribution.

Whitelabel: brand recognition with domain-based tracking

Our Whitelabels operate on the same principles as RevShare, offering comparable benefits but with domain-based tracking mechanisms.

Every sale on your Whitelabel goes into your pocket, excluding the revenue going to the users who contributed to the PPS commission of the webmaster. This is an ideal pick if you have a brand of your own, since you can adjust the color scheme and logo of your Whitelabel to improve your brand recognition.

It’s worth noting that Whitelabels forgo the brand association with LiveJasmin. Nonetheless, the inclusion of domain-based tracking represents a significant advantage, facilitating optimization and longevity in income generation.


How to choose your program

To select your program, log into your A.W. Empire account and navigate to the Promo Tools tab. From there, choose a site (such as LiveJasmin or Oranum) and then choose your program. You’ll find a dropdown menu presenting all available options.

As a rule of thumb, stick to RevShare if you expect your users to return and want to maximize your profit in the long run. PPS is better suited for immediate results, which is good for launching new campaigns and scaling up. Whitelabel is the best when you want to preserve your own brand identity and integrity (provided you have one).

Given that each case is unique, we encourage affiliates to explore all available options and experiment with different programs for each traffic source or site. Conduct A/B tests to gauge effectiveness, and don’t hesitate to reach out to your affiliate manager for further clarification. Together, we’ll identify the most optimal model, including the one best suited for your campaign creatives.