More stats for ultimate feedback

More stats for ultimate feedback. A.W. Empire Update

What kind of rebranding is that without a major overhaul? After thinking it over, we decided to start with an update for our statistics. From now on, you will be the architect of your own reports: tailoring the feedback you get by excluding irrelevant data while keeping what you need. The choice is yours, however, covering all the possibilities in a comprehensive tutorial would be an overkill. We will merely run through the basics, so that you can have a jump start when diving into the brand-new statistics UX. Brace yourself!


Honing statistics

Of course, we always want to go big. But bear in mind, you ought to go lean and mean, first and foremost. Worry not, for we can help you get the feedback that you need and weed out that which you don’t; more killer, less filler. Let’s start by excluding the categories you are not interested in and focus on creating a customized report. For example, under the “Dimensions” section you may choose Username, Country, and Promo Tool Type, and your report will return the data on country of origin and promo tool used per user.

A.W. Empire update

The combinations are practically endless. If you work with a couple of whitelabels, you can base your report on that, just pick the following categories: Whitelabel → Username → Country. Your report will be built in the order you specified; you will be able to see which website the user came from, plus their country of origin.

You can use various filters — from the campaign name to the date of launch. We made these filters to be very flexible, so that you can search for something very specific or do the opposite and exclude what is irrelevant, e.g., Country → “IS”/ “IS NOT” → US. Does it matter if the user is in the US? You decide.

A.W. Empire statistic update country 

What’s more is that you can see more information about your users, by using our in-depth metrics. You can monitor the number of rebills or 1st bills, revenues from every of the category, plus you are also able to view the unique spenders separately.

You may notice what’s called “Custom Parameters” 1–5 in this Overview section. They are the tracking parameters as placed in your link (a quick reminder). For instance, if you use all three UTM parameters, they will be shown as custom parameters 1, 2, 3.

There is no need to set up your dimensions, filters, nor metrics over and over again — just save your configuration as a preset to have a quick go-to filter for future use. After everything is set up, just click the “Export statistics” button in the bottom right corner and BAM!, you’re good to go.

A.W. Empire Statistics update - export and save preset block

Please keep in mind that we haven’t given up on the old stats format. By selecting Program Type as a dimension, you get a link in the results to the detailed sales page, similar to the old stats. And if you want to view miscellaneous earnings, tap on the corresponding button in the header to find the info about referral earnings, bonuses, and deductions.

A.W. Empire Statistics Update:



If you try to aggregate all possible data, you will lose focus. Luckily, with the help of our statistics update, you can get more relevant feedback on your campaigns’ performance. But this update is not only about improving data filtering — you also get more data from your campaigns in general. Yet, we still appreciate the opinion of our more old school audience and have kept the reminiscence of the good old stat format in place, under a special section. So, be it new skewl or old, the important thing is to get to know your KPIs, miscellaneous earnings, and standard profit to stay ahead of the game. The update to our statistics is the first step in our grand scheme of things, related to improving our platform for your convenience.