Oranum: Per Aspera Ad Profit

Oranum: Per Aspera Ad Profit | A.W. Empire offer for mainstream traffic

Oranum is a leading spiritual video chat community with thousands of live advisors, helping people all around the world find their inner peace. As a prime example of the Tarot niche, Oranum enables you to monetize your mainstream traffic in large volumes. It offers industry-leading PPS (up to $300) and RevShare (up to 45%) payout options for its affiliates.

In this article, we’ll tell you more about the product, Oranum’s new landers, and its ongoing promotions. Your voyage to prosperity with Psychics and Tarot Experts awaits, guided by the cosmic alignment of stars!


Psychics is in high demand

The mystique of tarot continues to captivate diverse followers, spanning various demographics: men and women, young and old, affluent and modest. Let the statistics speak for themselves: a remarkable 51% of individuals worldwide actively participate in tarot readings, astrology consultations, or numerology predictions. The trend of embarking on spiritual odysseys alongside psychics and online advisors is steadily gaining traction.

How to monetize mainstream traffic with A.W. Empire

Females frequent the tarot vertical at the age of 21–60, the bulk of the traffic; but men also pay a visit to a medium or psychic, making the verticals somewhat diverse. The tarot niche flourishes in Tier-1 countries. Specifically, this vertical works well for France, Spain, the USA, Australia, coupled with Argentina, Chile, and some Middle East countries.

Furthermore, there’s a noticeable surge in interest during periods of transition or adversity, which are perpetual occurrences in the lives of many. While we don’t claim to predict fortunes, it’s evident that a vast audience segment awaits your exploration.


Oranum: lifting the veil to profit

Oranum stands at the forefront of the spiritual realm, offering unparalleled tarot and psychic services under the stewardship of the trusted A.W. Empire. Help your audience to gain answers to life’s burning questions like: how can I manifest success in my future endeavors? Transform my passions into a gratifying career path? Oranum experts can also help people evaluate their compatibility, reignite connections with their former flame, and provide guidance in life overall.

Countless live advisors from all over the world await your traffic, each specializing in an array of spiritual disciplines such as tarot, numerology, astrology, crystal ball readings, palmistry, runes, psychology, and beyond. Furthermore, every Oranum expert undergoes a meticulous qualification process, guaranteeing unwavering adherence to stringent rules and regulations.

Tailored guidance is a cornerstone of Oranum’s service. Our advisors forge deep connections via webcams, but for those who prefer discretion or are simply hesitant, dynamic chat boxes offer an alternative. Proficient at fostering comfort and providing life direction, Oranum experts consistently achieve high retention rates through user satisfaction.


Why affiliate should care

Whether you believe in horoscopes or not is irrelevant. What matters is that Oranum performs well and generates hefty profit. Joining the Oranum affiliate program grants a few advantages and bonuses:

  • Different payout models: PPS or RevShare
  • Leading GEOs: including Tier-1 countries (US, Canada, UK, Australia)
  • Variability of promo tools: a plethora of promo tools, including top-performing Live Feed Banner

But wait, there’s more: our brand new landings! Go to Promo Tools and select Link Code where you can choose one of the following landing pages to link to:  

Ongoing promo campaigns

Currently, there are two running campaigns, which you can leverage to score more target actions:

  • For all new members: 90% off on credit packages
  • For paying users: a Daily Gift Box, where members can get various price discounts or up to 90% extra credits

Oranum is the place to monetize your mainstream traffic (remember, no adult content allowed). There is always a flow of the curious which will convert just as the stars predicted. If you need any help seeing into the future of ongoing promotions or need our advice on how to run the offer — contact us. 

We know how to put any traffic to good use and boost your profits.