Quick Recap on April 2024 Updates

Quick Recap on April 2024 Updates | A.W. Empire

The times are changing, and we roll along with it. In 2024, we are having a plethora of events which will affect our platform. And as such, we’d like to do a quick recap, so that you know what direction we are going in.

In this post, we’ll go through the updated age verification laws in the USA, customizable colors for your Whitelabel’s bonus tool banner, optimized categories for LiveJasmin and Whitelabels, and information on old stats removal.


Age verification in the US

Any website with more than 33% of adult content is to prove all their visitors are 18+ or face horrendous fines of up to 4–5 digits, depending on the state. While there is no federal law adopted yet, more and more states are introducing obligatory age verification, e.g., Texas, Arkansas, and Virginia.

All the Popunder traffic coming from the regions with age verification laws implemented will be redirected to non-nude creatives to ensure compliance. As an affiliate, you have nothing to worry about if you use our promo tools, since all the changes are already made on our side.

New background colors for Whitelabel’s bonus tool banners

A.W. Empire: New background colors for Whitelabel’s bonus tool banners

We expanded the range of the available colors for your banners when promoting discounts or extra credits for your Whitelabels users, using a 6-digit long hex color coding system (e.g., #000000, #0079d3, #202020).

When Whitelabels and bonus tool banners have matching colors, they can call more the attention of the users and also command more credibility. And with the help of other Whitelabel customization features, like layout colors, banner shades, logo design, and customized categories, you can even make it more unique and attractive.

How to access the new feature? Log into your A.W. Empire account, go to your Whitelabel Editor tab, pick one of your Whitelabels to edit, and click on the Bonus Tool menu.


Whitelabels and LiveJasmin categories optimization

Based on our data, some categories underperformed and have become less relevant for both users and models. As a result, we are streamlining the categorization to make things more straightforward and intuitive. Here are the new main categories.

Soul Mates will include the following categories:

  • Celebrity
  • DJ
  • Dancer
  • Fashion
  • Love Live Adviser
  • Fitness
  • Cosplay

Girls will take the following categories:

  • Amateur
  • Free Show

We expect the restructuring to be completed by the end of May 2024. Until then, you have plenty of time to implement alternative categories, if you’ve been specializing in any one of these.

Use the Whitelabel Editor tab to make all the necessary changes. And don’t forget, if you want non-nude creatives, then the best option is Soul Mates.


Old stats shutdown A.W.Empire-old and new stats

Better serving you with the info and stats that you need is our goal at A.W. Empire, and the old stats system wasn’t on par with the new one while taking precious space. That’s why we have already taken the first steps for turning off the old stats and will finish by the 1st of June 2024. We have been working on the new stats to make them more accurate and with deeper insights so you can make the best out of your data.

These changes slightly affect remote stats too, disabling click tracking as a result. We will reintroduce it promptly; other than that, everything remains as it was before.

Remember to contact your manager or our support team whenever the necessity arises. We’re in this business together, and your profit is our cause as well.