Whitelabel Bonus Tool for Calendar Events

A.W. Empire explains how to generate more traffic on holidays and special days with a Whitelabel bonus tool

Customize your campaigns as you see fit

Red-letter days can be a great boost to your ad campaigns. Moreover, this boost starts before the holidays and lasts a few days after. For a holiday campaign to generate high-volume traffic, preparation is a must.

Planning out the funnel and creatives is the foundation of any campaign. However, sometimes you just need an extra little something to spice things up. That’s where our tips on using the Whitelabel bonus feature come in handy, making your holiday campaigns eye-catching and irresistible.

This Whitelabel tool allows the creation of promotions for any event. Prepare your campaigns in advance and launch them when the time comes.


Performance on red-letter days

People tend to spend more during special events, treating these days as an opportunity to indulge themselves. With the right promo, this behavioral pattern can be turned into extra profit.

Align your campaigns with the event theme. Whether it’s Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, or anything else. Some people might feel lonely, which is why cams may serve as a source of compassion. Or they might be bored and look for ways to entertain themselves.

The standout day in terms of traffic and revenue is Valentine’s Day. Not everyone has a soulmate, leading them to connect with a compassionate model. As a result, traffic and revenues spike by about 25%.

Complement holiday campaigns with the A.W. Empire bonus tool. With this feature, you can customize your campaign: from discount specifics to the duration of the special offer.


Whitelabel bonus tool

Bring in more users and incentivize them to spend more with our Whitelabel Editor, which enables you to customize promo campaigns as you see fit. This goes beyond just Valentine’s Day and can be used for Easter, Halloween, Xmas, and Black Friday — all the events that you see fit. We assume you have already established a Whitelabel with us, but if not — it might be interesting for you as well, so just keep on reading.

Go to Whitelabel Editor, click on Bonus Tool, and Create New Bonus Campaign. Customize your campaigns as you like by making changes to the following elements:

  • Campaign name for tracking with maximum precision
  • Bonus type, which allows choosing between extra credits or a discount
  • Extra credit amount or discount size for maximum flexibility
  • Bonus timeframe to control how long your campaign should last
  • Audience type to direct your efforts either onto free or paying members

Remember to activate your bonus campaign and its banner in the settings. Save the result, and it will launch itself automatically during the days you choose. By the way, the closest one is Valentine’s Day, which is known for having a traffic surge. You can preview your bonus banner when saved and make adjustments, like different background colors, to best match your WL.

But what if you don’t have a Whitelabel? We recommend you create one with us. Take a look at the main advantages:

  • Domain-based tracking
  • Revenue share model
  • Custom features: your logo, categories, brand colors
  • TwinRed retargeting integration
  • Assistance from the A.W. Empire team before, during, and after Whitelabel creation

Adding a Whitelabel is a quick and seamless way to boost your website monetization and deliver extra content to your users. When a holiday comes, you will be prepared to meet and greet your visitors with diverse content, which also helps to retain them. 

Contact A.W. Empire for assistance if needed — our mission is to facilitate your profit generation.