Payments, Bonuses and Programs

How much, when, and what we pay for.

How much can I earn? What are the program options?

TIERED LIFETIME REVENUE SHARE: Earn 35-45% from the lifetime spending of an account if the user is NEW to our site network. The account will be tied to your affiliate ID on a database level and you will earn commission after their credit purchases from the site you referred them to. On BimBim every user […]

How long do the webmasters get the 35-45% on Whitelabel, REVS and Lifetime+?

These percentages are here to stay, we will keep these amounts on Whitelabel purchases, REVS purchases and Lifetime+ member spending. If you opt for the one-click payment with your Whitelabel, the commission percentage you get will be lowered by 10%.

Who is considered a premium Member?

Premium Members are those Members who have successfully purchased any credit package.

Your site says that you pay webmasters up to 45% and/or up to $300PPS etc. If there’s an “up to”, there’s an “as low as”. Can you clarify this?

All webmasters start with the lowest tier in every program. The tiers are reset to the first at the beginning of each period (1st and 16th of each month). For example in the case of PPS, let’s say you make 12 sales in a period. You get $150 for each of the first two sales, […]

Who is eligible for the sign up bonus?

Webmasters are eligible for the sign up bonus if they registered their first account on A.W. Empire after 8th July, 2014, and they meet the requirements – see here. This applies to personal and company accounts as well.

What are the requirements of receiving the sign up bonus?

The $150 bonus is split into two parts. The first $75 is added after you confirm your e-mail address. You get the second $75 if you make three sales within 40 days of the registration. If you are eligible for the bonus but you didn’t make three sales within 40 days of the registration, you […]

When is the sign up bonus paid?

When our Webmasters finish their registration we check the database to see if they ever registered before. If they prove to be newcomer Webmasters to AWE, the bonus will be added to their balance and they will get paid after reaching the Payout Threshold (the bonus is not counted in the Payout Threshold, so it […]

I have not received my payment, can you explain why?

First, please ensure your information under the “My Account” menu is correct and up to date. If your information is incorrect, please correct it and notify us so we can trace the payment and correct the situation for you. If your information is correct, please notify us so we can trace the payment. We process […]

Do you have the PPS (Pay Per Sale) payment model?

Yes we do, with the following conditions. The Webmaster will receive a PPS commission if a completely new user, who never purchased credits on any of our sites or Whitelabels before, buys at least 17.99 credits through his/her affiliate link which is equipped with the PPS program code. The Webmaster with the active cookie in […]

I have signed up to your program and I have already made some sales, when do you send my payment?

Payouts are sent periodically, twice a month. If you reach your Payout Threshold in the 1st period of a month (1st – 15th), you will receive your payment by the 10th of the next month. If you reach the Payout Threshold in the second period of a month (16th – 31st), you will receive your […]

What are the payout periods and payout threshold?

PAYOUT PERIODS Each month consists of two payment periods; the first period of a month lasts from the 1st until the 15th, while the second period of a month lasts from the 16th until the last day of the month. PAYOUT THRESHOLD The Payout Threshold is the amount of earnings you need to collect before […]

How often do I receive a payment?

Payouts on are sent periodically, twice a month. You need to reach the Payout Threshold in a period, in order to get paid on the payout date of that period. The Payout Threshold can vary between $100 and $10,000, depending on the Payment Method you choose. If you reach the Payout Threshold in the […]

What Payment Methods do you offer?

On we offer different kinds of payouts methods: E-wallet based payout solutions: Paxum and Cosmo Payment – with withdrawals to prepaid Mastercard® cards, to any VISA or MasterCard® cards or to local bank accounts (methods vary by processor) Bank transfer – SEPA transfer (EUR), ACH direct deposit (USD, US only), international wire transfer (EUR) […]

What is Paxum?

Paxum is an e-wallet based payout solution. By choosing this option, you will be paid on your Paxum virtual account from where you can easily transfer funds: To your Paxum MasterCard® card By bank transfer To external credit cards The fee of the above services vary greatly depending on the method and currency you use, […]

What is Cosmo Payment?

Cosmo Payment is an e-wallet based payout solution. By choosing this option, you will be paid on your Cosmo Payment virtual account and can easily access your funds: Virtual card Prepaid Mastercard® or Visa card By bank transfer Setting up a Cosmo Payment virtual account does not cost you anything, but the fee of the […]

What is crypto payout?

Crypto payout is a payout solution that allows you to exchange and withdraw your funds in cryptocurrencies to your own wallet.

How does crypto work? Is it safe?

We can send crypto payments safely and securely. When the payment is due, you will receive a crypto cashout URL from our PSP provider TripleA to the email address you give us at the Payment Method Page. The URL can be accessed by the password that you receive via SMS on the phone number you […]

What are the available currencies for crypto payouts?

From our side, your payment is sent in USD / EUR depending on the chosen payout currency on our website. Upon withdrawal you will be able to choose from among the following available currencies: BTC – Bitcoin ETH – Ethereum USDT – Tether

Do I need a TripleA account to receive crypto payouts?

No, you do not need to register with TripleA, they just process the payment. You can transfer crypto to any 3rd party crypto wallet in your possession. You can read more information about the processor at their website

How much is the transfer fee for crypto payouts?

Regardless of crypto currency, the transfer will have a cost of 3.8% of transferred amount, with additional network fees applied.

What is Bank Transfer?

Bank transfer is one of our payout solutions and the one that we specifically recommend to our high earning partners. We have 3 types of bank transfers available: ACH direct deposit – We offer this option in the US only. It costs 1% (min. $5, max. $300) of the payout amount and the payment will […]

What payment reference do you use when sending payments?

When sending out payouts we use the following payment reference “Electronically Delivered Services”. There is no option to change this text.

Why did I receive a different amount than what is indicated on my invoice?

A transaction fee is deducted upon sending your payout. The amount of the fee depends on the payout method you selected. Payment-related transactions such as processing fees are VAT exempt, so they are not indicated on the (Self-)invoices that we have with you.

In what currency do you pay?

Please note that sends payouts in USD or EUR. If your billing address is in the United States we can only offer USD payouts If your billing address is in the SEPA we can only offer EUR payouts Bank transfer outside the US is only available in EUR currency Your income will always be […]

How can I change my payout details?

You can change your Payment Method or Payout Threshold any time in the My Account menu section, next to the “Logout” link. Please keep in mind that changes take up to 3 business days to be carried out in case your change request is initiated on the last 3 days of a period or on […]

What is your Privacy policy?

In order to keep in touch with our webmasters, we need a valid e-mail address so please ensure your e-mail address is correct when you sign up. Your e-mail address will never be sold or given out to third party organizations or companies. The same goes for all personal information you share with us (like […]

What happens when I turn off LIFETIME+?

Lifetime+ is turned off by default – this is a legacy setting. If you leave it turned off, your REVS links can generate only basic REVS sales. By turning it on, you will be eligible for Lifetime+ sales in case you bring paying users that are new to our network.

What is LIFETIME+?

LIFETIME+ is a revshare program which earns you 35% to 45% lifetime revshare commission for new members, and 35-45% regular revshare commission for old members. If you refer a new customer to the network their account will be tied to your affiliate ID on a database level and you will receive 35% to 45% lifetime […]