Frequently Asked Questions

Learn everything about Payments, Bonuses and Programs, and selling the AWE Program to your visitors.
If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Table of contents

Part I - Payments, Bonuses and Programs:
Part II - Selling the AWE Program to your site's visitors:
Part III - Referral Program Rules, Regulations and Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn? What are the program options?

Tiered Lifetime Revenue Share:

Earn 35-45% from the lifetime spending of an account if the user is new to our site network. The account will be tied to your affiliate ID on a database level and you will earn commission after their credit purchases from the site you referred them to. If you refer a user that is not new in our network and has not been tied to any AWE affiliates previously via LIFETIME+ or PPS, you will receive 35-45% commission based on the credit purchases they make with your affiliate cookie, tracked via a 14 day cookie.

Tiered Pay Per Signup:

Earn up to $300 for every new premium customer referred who purchase at least a 17.99 credit package. Cookie validity: 30 days non rewritable, renewable after 30 days.

Revenue Share (REVS):

Earn 35-45% of member credit purchases generated through your link. Member credit purchases are tracked by your affiliate code stored in a browser cookie on the users' PC. (Cookie validity: 14 days non rewritable, renewable after 14 days.)

Whitelabel 4 live cam site

Create your own custom Live Cam site and earn up to 45% of the purchases made on it. These transactions are tracked by the domain, therefore you do not need to compete with the cookies set by your fellow Webmasters. You get a commission for all purchases made on the Whitelabel – except for those made by users who were previously bound to any Webmasters via the PPS program. In case you opt for the one-click payment with your Whitelabel, the maximum commission percentage you can get is lowered.

Webmaster Referrals (2 Tier):

Refer webmasters to AWE and you will earn up to 36% based on their sales. Have these people refer any affiliate or member, and make up to 18%.

Cam model referrals:

As of 1 June 2012 our cam model referral system works on an opt-in basis. Click here to apply to our cam model referral program to opt in. Refer cam models, and earn up to 36% of their earnings!

How long do the webmasters get the 35-45% on Whitelabel, REVS and Lifetime+?

These percentages are here to stay, we will keep these amounts on Whitelabel purchases, REVS purchases and Lifetime+ member spending. In case you opt for the one-click payment with your Whitelabel, the maximum commission percentage you can get is lowered.

Who is considered a premium Member?

Premium Members are those Members who have successfully purchased any credit package.

Your site says that you pay webmasters up to 45 and/or up to $300PPS etc. If there's an "up to", there's an "as low as". Can you clarify it?

All webmasters start with the lowest tier in every program. The tiers are reset to the first at the beginning of each period (1st and 16th of each month).

For example in case of PPS, let's say you make 12 sales in a period. You get $150 for each of the first two sales, $200 for the 3rd, 4th, ...10th, and $225 for the 11th and 12th. Therefore the tiers do not affect each other, e.g. if you make three sales, you'll still get $150 for the first two.

Who is eligible for the sign up bonus?

Webmasters are eligible for the sign up bonus if they registered their first account at AWE after 8th of July, 2014. This applies to personal and company accounts as well.

What are the requirements of receiving the sign up bonus?

The $150 bonus is split into two parts. The first $75 is added after you confirm your e-mail address, while you get the second $75 if you make three sales within 40 days of the registration. In case you are eligible for the bonus but you didn't make three sales within 40 days of the registration, you will receive the first part only, $75.

When is the sign up bonus paid?

When our Webmasters finish their registration we check the database to see if they ever registered before. If they prove to be newcomer Webmasters to AWE, the bonus will be added to their balance and they will get paid after reaching the minimum payout limit (the bonus is not counted in the payout limit, so it appears in the Stats only when the limit is reached).

I have not received my payment, can you explain why?

First of all make sure that the information in the "My Profile" menu is correct and up to date, then open a support ticket on the problem. If your information is in error, correct it and notify us, we will trace the payment and correct the situation for you. We process thousands of payments every month so we need to make sure they are correct - still if any problems should occur, we will do our best to correct them ASAP.

I'm moving and you've already sent my check. Is there any way to retrieve it?

Yes, however, please note that it costs $20 USD to void a check.

Do you have the PPS (Pay Per Signup) payment model?

Yes we do, with the following conditions. The Webmaster will receive a PPS commission if a completely new user, who never purchased credits on any of our sites or Whitelabels before, buys at least 17.99 credits through his/her affiliate link which is equipped with the PPS program code. Of course the Webmaster whose cookie is active in the user's browser at the time of the purchase, will get the commission.

After a user brings a PPS commission to a Webmaster, AWE "owns" that user, and no further commissions will be paid after his/her purchases made on any of our sites or Whitelabels.

Credit purchases made by phone or other payment methods that operate without packages are eligible for the Tiered PPS payout only if the purchased amount reaches or exceeds the amount of our credit packages.

I have signed up to your program and I have already made some sales, when do you send the check payments?

We have Bi-weekly payment (Firstchoice Pay, ePayService, Paxum).

Payments are paid about 20 to 25 days after the given period. Period-1 payments are paid on the 10th of the following month. Period-2 payments are paid on the 25th of the following month.

For example:

Unpaid amounts ( under the minimum ) are carried over into the following period.

What is the payout periods and payout limit?


Each month consists of two payment periods; the first period of a month lasts from the 1st until the 15th, while the second period of a month lasts from the 16th until the last day of the month.


The Payout Limit is the amount of earnings you need to collect before you can receive payment. You are advised to choose the lowest payout limit ($100) at the ACCOUNT section to ensure that you will be paid frequently.

What is the minimum payout amount?

For all the payment methods, the lowest payout limit is $100.

How often do I get payment?

Payouts on are sent periodically, twice a month. You need to reach the Payout Limit in a period, in order to get paid on the payout date of that period. The Payout Limit can vary between $100 and $10,000, depending on the Payment Method you choose. If you reach the Payout Limit in the first period of a month (1st - 15th), you will receive your payment on the 10th day of the next month. If you reach the Payout Limit in the second period of a month (16th - 31st), you will receive your payout on the 25th day of the next month. If you do not reach the Payout Limit in a period, your earnings are rolled over to the next period until you reach the Payout Limit. The payout dates are always on the 10th and 25th day of the following months, regardless the payment method you choose.

If you have not received a payment and/or have any question regarding payout issues, please contact

What Payment Methods do you offer?

We currently have three e-Wallet based payment methods available on our website, each offered through different payment processor companies: Firstchoice Pay, Paxum and ePayService.

These three also allow you to easily withdraw funds directly to your local bank account in local currency, while significantly reducing the cost of getting paid and avoiding delays. Should you be looking for a wire transfer method, this will be your best option. Note that Paxum also transfers USD to banks outside the USA.

If you reside in the USA and would rather not apply for any of these payment processors, an alternative solution is providing us with your psychical address so that we will send your payment on US paper check to you.

We will continue to introduce additional payment methods to satisfy all your needs.

What is US paper check?

Please note that to send checks we still use 3rd party companies and also that this payment method may lengthen the payment delivery time.

Choosing US paper check as your payout method does not entail additional costs in terms of ordering the check and mailing it to the address you previously provided. The standard checks we send can be cashed in check cashing facilities and deposited to bank accounts – while the courier checks can only be deposited into a bank account. If you deposit your check into a US bank account, there is no extra cost, but in any other case you may have to pay a small fee. Since it takes a couple of days for the checks to arrive, we mail them out approximately 10 days prior to the payout date. The checks are sent in a plain white envelope, there is no reference to the site or to the profile of the site. If you do not receive the check on the payout date, it is advised to wait a couple of days since sometimes checks arrive to the address with a slight delay. In case you choose not to wait or did not receive the check in reasonable time, you may ask to cancel the check which costs $20-$35 each and takes 5-10 days to process. Once the check is canceled the payment will be re-sent to you via check or any other payout option you choose. The cancellation fee is deducted from the earnings you make in the current period.

Carrier of payment

When you receive payment from us, the 3rd party company name will be indicated as MTACC Inc. on your bank statements/check envelopes. The originator of these payments is the owner company of, Duodecad IT Services Luxembourg S.à r.l.

What is Paxum?

Paxum is an e-Wallet based payout solution. By choosing this option, you will be paid on your Paxum virtual account from where you can easily transfer funds to your Paxum MasterCard® card or to your local bank.

Setting up a Paxum virtual account does not cost you anything. Sending your AWEmpire earnings to your Paxum virtual account will incur a transfer fee of $0.75.

If you choose to set up a MasterCard card account through, it will incur a start-up cost of $44.95 for you, and this fee will be re-charged on your Paxum account on a yearly basis. It includes the fee of the Paxum Prepaid MasterCard® card as well as the maintenance of your virtual account (i.e. no further maintenance fee will be applied).

You will receive your card in 10-30 business days after the application completed. Withdrawing money from your MasterCard card at an ATM costs $2 per transaction. The cards are issued by Choice bank (Belize) and have a daily ATM withdrawal limit of $2,500.

If you choose the bank transfer option, you will be able to withdraw funds from your virtual account to your local bank account. If your bank is in the United States, each deposit will cost $5. If your bank is located outside the United States, local EFT transfers will cost $8.98 while international USD wire transfers will cost you $50. You can also choose to have the USD exchanged to EUR by Paxum and sent your transfer as EFT transfer in the following countries for a fee of $8.95; AT, BE, BG, CY, CZ, DK, EE, FI, FR, DE, GI, GR, HU, IS, IE, IT, LV, LI, LT, LU, MT, MC, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, SM, SK, SI, ES, SE, CH.

You can read more about Paxum here.

What is Firstchoice Pay?

Firstchoice Pay is an e-Wallet based payout solution. By choosing this option, you will be paid on your Firstchoice Pay virtual account from where you can easily transfer funds either to your Firstchoice Pay MasterCard® card, or to your local bank account.

Setting up a Firstchoice Pay account through does not cost you anything. covers the start-up costs, including the fee of the Firstchoice Pay Prepaid MasterCard® card.

If you choose the MasterCard option, you will receive your card in 10-30 business days after the application is completed. Withdrawing money from a Firstchoice Pay account at an ATM costs $2.75 per transaction, while the monthly account maintenance fee is currently $2.00. The debit MasterCard® cards are issued through Choice bank and have a daily ATM withdrawal limit of $2500, online daily spending limit of $5000.

Please note that Firstchoice Pay does not support adult related payouts to India, China or Egypt.

You can read more about Firstchoice Pay here.

What is ePayService?

ePayService is an e-Wallet based payout solution. By choosing this option, you will be paid to your ePayService virtual account from where you can transfer funds to your ePayService MasterCard® card, to your bank account, to your Webmoney account or you can issue US paper check for yourself if you reside in the USA.

Setting up an ePayService virtual account is free. ePayService will automatically ship you a new MasterCard card for free in 10-30 days.

If you choose to use the MasterCard option, your card will have a yearly cost of $25. Withdrawing money from your MasterCard card costs $1.50 per transaction.

If you choose the bank transfer option, you will be able to transfer funds from your virtual account to your bank account.

If you choose to receive your funds from ePayService on US paper check, you can cash it in check cashing facilities as well as deposited into your bank account. If you do not receive the check on the payout date, it is advised to wait a couple of days or you may ask for cancellation at the cost of $20.

You can also ask ePayservice to transfer the funds to your Webmoney account. Your ePayservice account will be charged for $2 + 1% of the transferred amount for each transfer.

You can read more about ePayService here.

What payment reference do you use when sending payments?

When sending out payouts we use the following payment reference "Electronically Delivered Advertising Services". There is no option to change this text.

In what currency do you pay?

Please note that sends payouts in US Dollars, however, depending on your payment method, our processors may exchange the payment to your local currency.


Prepaid cards (branded by Firstchoice Pay, Paxum or ePayService) are based in USD. We send the payment in USD, but corresponding banks will exchange it to your withdrawal/POS currency.

Transfers to third-party Mastercard® and VISA® cards (ePayService only) are initiated in USD currency. The funds will be credited to beneficiary's card in its currency at issuing bank’s applicable rate.

Direct bank transfer

Regular paper check (only available in the USA): the currency is USD.

How can I change my payout details?

You can change your payment method or payout limit any time at the MY PROFILE section, next to the "Logout" link. Please bear in mind that changes take up to 48 hours to be carried out after a payment period ends. If you have any question regarding payout details, please contact

What name is on the check AWE sends?

We use different payment processors for shipping US paper checks, such as MTACC Inc. The memo on the check is "Electronically Delivered Advertising Services". Nothing refers to our website on the envelope.

What is your Privacy policy?

In order to keep in touch with our webmasters, we need a valid e-mail address so when you sign up, please double check if the mail you gave us is correct. We will not abuse your e-mail address in any way, it will never be sold or given out to third party organizations or companies. The same goes to all personal information you share with us (like banking info, name, address, etc.)

What is LIFETIME+?

LIFETIME+ is a revshare program which earns you 35% to 45% lifetime revshare commission for new members, and 35-45% regular revshare commission for old members.

If you refer a new customer to the network their account will be tied to your affiliate ID on a database level and you will receive 35% to 45% lifetime revenue share after their credit purchases.

The tiers depend on how many credits your users purchased within the given period. Everyone starts from Tier 1 at the beginning of each period.

If they're not new members and have not been tied to any AWE affiliate previously via LIFETIME+, you will receive 35-45% of their credit purchases, tracked via a 14 day cookie.

In other words if the users in question came to our site via REVS and don't have another affiliate's valid cookie, you have a chance at converting them just like before.

What happens when I turn off LIFETIME+?

At the time of launching LIFETIME+ we converted all old REVS links to the new program, therefore you don't have to change REVS links in order to take advantage of the program. If, at any given time, you decide to opt out of the LIFETIME+ program you may do so by clicking on the switcher at the programs area. You may turn this feature on again at any time.

What is it about?

Adult Webmaster Empire Webmaster Affiliate Program is for adult webmasters who want to refer customers to us for appropriate compensation. Our affiliate program is free to join and is a good way to offer something new to your surfers so they will come back more often to your site. You will be provided with unique linking codes and other promotional tools that allow our affiliate backend to track sales referred by you.

How can I promote your webcam sites?

We provide a variety of tools such as banners, text links and javascripts, but best of all, you can have your very own webcams page tailored to your needs to fit your existing website's design (co-branded page). We are always open to new ideas and concepts, so you can always contact us for special deals. Please do not replicate, copy, or try to imitate any part of our sites. We reserve the right to warn and/or suspend/terminate affiliates that are found using questionable marketing techniques.

When I visit the Buy Credit page, the target URL loses my webmaster ID or it has an other ID appearing there. Why is that?

The sales will go to your account, since we use a cookie-based tracking system. Whether or not there is an ID at all or if you see a strange ID, its still being tracked as your sale. The webmaster, tour and campaign code are in the form post to the billing server and this information is read from the cookie values.

Payment cookies are not overwritten until they expire. Revshare cookies last 14 days while PPS cookies last 1 month.

I signed up as a webmaster recently, but I did not provide my payout info yet. How am I going to get paid?

To speed up the registration process we made it easier. You can sign up without registering a payment method and providing your personal details, but you need to provide them in order to get paid. Once we approved your details we will register your payment and send it according to the regular payout system (see "How often do I get payment?").

Please note that if we need to terminate your account during the approval process (due to previous fraudulent activity for example), we will need to withhold your payments permanently.

I have signed up for your program 2/4/7/14/25 days ago, and still see no hits. Are my clicks being stolen or what else can be the problem?

There are no tricks or tactics involved in our business. We fully respect our webmasters, because we know how hard this job can be.

Please bear in mind that webcams are different from many other programs. Many people will check out the free cams and chat with the performers for a while. A lot of visitors need time to decide to make their first purchase. Sometimes it's a matter of your referral customer meeting the "right" performer to indulge in with. Remember, we are in the people business with live cams.

This is why we offer unlimited free previews to visitors; to make them feel welcome and to gain their trust in the AWE websites. We have found that this policy creates the up-sell and makes you the most money possible.

To obtain the best results, we suggest that you try different promo tools, and arrange them in different positions on your website. Feel free to ask what promo tools we think would fit and could be integrated best on your site. AWE wants to be your partner for financial success in the adult entertainment industry. We are here to help and offer our full support to your efforts.

If I link directly to other pages (e.g. A performer's profile page) within LiveJasmin or other Awe websites, will the cookie still be set on the customer's computer?

Yes, you can link to any or all of our sites' sub-pages, See the promo tools for link codes or ask for any link code you need and are not in the list.

Is it possible to send traffic to a specific model page on LiveJasmin or joyourself?

Yes it is, here's an example for LiveJasmin:


In your AWE promo tools you will find many links to AWE's webcam sites' pages as well as Flash Live Feeds, IFRAME thumbs to cams that are online, XML output files to create your own custom site content with as well as a set of banners and ad templates that we are always updating with new content.

AWE gives you the finest tools in the industry to get your traffic to click on but best of all we have one of the largest arrays of online performers to make you money. AWE sites also have VIP terms for customers that wish to spend a lot. We can process multiple same day payments for most customers without issues.

I have multiple sites, can I use one account for them all?

You are more than welcome to use your psid for advertising on as many sites as you like. AWE offers custom campaign codes to help you sort your sales traffic for productivity.

I signed up from, but I have dozens of other sites. Can I send traffic from those sites too or do I need separate accounts for each site?

You need to provide a website URL when signing up to our program. However, if you have other domains, you are more than welcome to send traffic from those too without permission. (You are of course bound to only use sites with legal content!) You can use the custom campaign codes to track sales from multi site traffic for productivity.

I see strange sale amounts in statistics, why is that?

When you see sale amounts which are not from standard packages it means that the purchase was done through phone processors. There are phone processors who charge based on seconds.

I have thousands of email addresses I have collected from different sources. Can I promote your site by sending emails to those addresses?

We don't like spam and would like to specifically ask you not to spam others promoting our sites. If you have a free site with members that agreed on receiving emails, and you want them to know about our cams, it is ok to send them occasional emails. Please always consult us before using email promotion. In case we find out that someone is promoting our sites by random, aggressive spamming, we will not hesitate to terminate that account immediately.

What isn't allowed?

Feel free to send us visitors any way you want, but please respect others' privacy and DO NOT spam. Spamming results in immediate banning from our affiliate program. Sites promoting, linking to or depicting any form of underage pornography will be automatically banned and reported to the proper authorities.

Zero tolerance policy on adware and spyware: traffic sent to any of our sites through any form of adware/spyware is strictly prohibited. The accounts of affiliates found using such methods to promote our sites will be suspended immediately and all payments may be forfeited.

Webmasters may not place identifier cookies on the end users’ hardware without the knowledge of the user and without user interaction with the page elements.

The use of popunders are not allowed if the preset codes in the promo tools have been modified. Only original, unaltered version of popunder codes may be utilized that are currently available in the promo tools.

The use of iframe formatted link codes are not allowed if the promo tool code of preset link codes have been modified from their original size or parameters. ONLY unaltered version of link codes may be utilized that are currently available in the promo tools.

Utilizing of promo tools are possible through an exclusive and specific authorization and their modification are only permitted following a prior acknowledgement by AWEmpire.

The use of modified promo tools shall result in withholding of their share of generated earnings.

What forms of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising are NOT permitted?

Brand names, urls, and typos thereof used in PPC ad campaigns (including but not limited to Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing) are not allowed, and will not be credited. More specifically these keywords are not allowed in the trigger, title, or description portion of the ads.


Examples of typos and name variations: JASMIN LIVE, JASMIN CAMS, JASMINE, LIVEJASMIN

What's SPAM?

Spamming is the abuse of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited, undesired bulk messages. While the most widely recognized form of spam is e-mail spam.

This term is applied to similar abuses in other media--instant messaging spam, Usenet newsgroup spam, and also the abusive posting of links to our sites from General Audience Community Sites (ex: MySpace and the likes) where minors are know to frequent as well as other site's guestbooks, blogs, BBS or BBoards that prohibit sexually explicit content by their own Terms of Service.

AWE wants to maintain its reputation in the adult industry, therefore we expect our affiliates to act in a responsible manner and respect the terms and conditions of other websites when posting links or any visual content (banners, images etc.)

Posting links in adult oriented communities or adult link sites is fine and OK to do. This qualifies as legitimate promotion and not a spam issue generally.

How often are the stats updated?

The stats are updated every 5 minutes.

What promotional tools are available?

AWE has many promotional tools available to make bank with, including:

Static, GIF and Video Banners, Custom live feeds, Free Chat applets, Mobile & Smart TV redirect tool, Custom and Responsive I-frames, Page Peels, Slide Bars, Coupon codes, Free account creator, One-click*, Popunders, Link codes, XML feeds, Performer status indicators, Hypno Images and Banners.

*One-click requires you to run a membership site where you process payments with Epoch, CCBill or RocketGate. Contact your account manager for more information.

I like your site, can we do a banner/link exchange?

We don't exchange links from our main sites, because it would look unprofessional. You cannot ask for such exchange and we do not sell banner spots either.

How can I stop being an affiliate?

If you would like to delete your affiliate account please send us a support ticket.

What are the criteria to participate in the model referral program? How do I know if I am entitled to refer cam models?

If you are a site owner and have significant traffic through which you can bring new models to our site, you are highly welcome to join our Cam Model Referral program. Please fill in this form and submit it for approval. Our colleagues will check it and notify you about its evaluation outcome within 24-48 hours.


On what conditions will a model referral application be rejected?

When the site does not contain any relevant information about the webcam model program, the host is not registered, the web page is parked, the given URL is not working properly, social networks.

NOTE: If you apply for the program with your Whitelabel site your application will be automatically accepted.

How do I know if my model referral application is approved and my program is active?

The Model Referral Program will be active only after you received the activation e-mail. Please note that model applications will not appear in your referral status before this. If you apply to the Program with your Whitelabel site, it will only be active after the activation of the program and only if the Co-brand site is already online.

What does count as a referral?

Can I refer myself?

You may not refer yourself to our program as it is considered artifical alteration of your percentages. We have sophisticated automated and manual checks in place to ensure such abuse of the referral program does not occur. Referring yourself will result in the forfeiture of referral commissions and may also result in your account's removal from the referral system and/or the suspension/termination of your affiliate account.

Can I have my friends who already have an AWE account sign up again for a new account through my referral link code?

Referred webmasters or performers (if you are entitled to refer cam models) must be new to the system. We have sophisticated checks in place to prevent abuse of the referral program.

Where can I find promo tools/marketing material to recruit Cam Models or Affiliates?

Log in to AWE, click Promo Tools on the top navigation menu, this will open the promo tools page. Select as the Site for Webmaster Referral, or select ModelCenter for Model Referral. Remember that you need to opt in for Model Referral, it will only appear in the list if you have already been approved (you can opt in at Then pick the type of promo tool you would like to use for your marketing purposes.

What is HTTPS (SSL) Certification for Whitelabels?

HTTPS certification allows you to direct traffic to secure https pages, so that users do not see non-secure page warnings.

To enable HTTPS traffic re-directs you need to obtain a digital certificate through a qualified Certificate Authority (CA), and we can now do this for you.

Before the CA authorizes your Certificate, your DNS A record needs updating with the new IP address ( DNS A record (www) to DNS A record (@) to

As usual, there is no need to modify the nameservers.

It can take 2-24 hours for DNS changes to propagate. After that step, you will be able to set up your site for HTTPS.

Why should I enable HTTPS on my Whitelabel?

We have all seen non-secure site warnings when we land on http pages that contain sensitive information fields such as password or payment details.

Web users, upon seeing this notification, can be discouraged to continue their web journey, which has a negative impact on site conversion and earnings.

Google and many other major providers are now moving toward HTTPS everywhere, in order to safeguard web users’ privacy and security.

This means users will see non-secure page warnings even when being re-directed to ANY http page, regardless whether any sensitive information is required.

How do I apply for HTTPS (SSL) Certification for my Whitelabel?

AWEmpire offers a free-of-charge certification service through Let’s Encrypt.

STEP 1 – Change your DNS A record

STEP 2 – Request your HTTPS certificate

STEP 3 – Wait for your HTTPS certificate

STEP 4 – Test your HTTPS Whitelabel site

Once your HTTPS URL is working, you are ready to update your site map and enjoy the benefits of secure page re-directs. You can find the sitemap in the Tools menu of the Whitelabel editor.

Can I apply for HTTPS (SSL) Certification for a Whitelabel on my own domain?

As hosting providers, we can apply on the domain owner’s behalf, but we will need you to update your DNS A record with a new IP address before your certificate is generated.

You will find information on how to update your DNS A record on your provider’s site, for example:

The new IP address will be DNS A record (www) to DNS A record (@) to

As usual, there is no need to modify the nameservers.

How do I update my DNS a record?

If your domain is suffixed with, we will update your DNS A record and IP address. We own the domain, so you do not need to do anything.

If your domain is not suffixed with, you will need to update your DNS A record and IP address because we do not own your domain.

The new IP address will be DNS A record (www) to DNS A record (@) to

As usual, there is no need to modify the nameservers.

If you are not sure what is required, we recommend checking your domain provider’s website. There is also a lot of information available on web community forums to guide you.

Here are a few useful links:

Will my HTTPS Certificate be renewed?

We will auto-renew your certificate regularly so there is no need to be concerned.

What do I do if my HTTPS Certificate is rejected or revoked?

A certificate might be rejected during the application process. We will keep trying to rectify the problem during application, and contact you if we are not able to resolve it without assistance.

A certificate can also be revoked after issuance; if for instance, the site is marked as non-secure owing to hacking or some other unforeseen event.

If you have any problems with rejected or revoked certificates, please contact us with your DNS details and the domain(s) impacted, so that we can assist you.

My HTTPS status says OK, but I am still seeing non-secure messages on redirect.

Your site re-directs may be using cookie logic, try clearing your cache and then try again.

It can also take up to 24 hours for DNS records to update, but generally takes around 2-4 hours.

If the problem persists for more than 1 day, please contact Support for further assistance.